Welcome to Pleasemissmummy.com, an online learning consultancy designed to empower parents to successfully support children’s learning.  The philosophy here has always been that learning needs to be engaging and fun; as hands on and meaningful as possible.  The aim is to equip you, as parents and educators, with the skills and confidence to be able to maximise your child’s potential.

Pleasemissmummy.com can help with any, Primary age, learning related queries and have subscription packages to suit all needs.  Whether you are Home Educating or supporting your child with school learning, “Missmummy” can help!

Home Tutoring

Have you considered tutoring but can’t make the financial commitment?  Then this site could be the answer, with completely individualised support – take a look at the subscription packages.

  • Short term tutoring in a specific area can give a real boost to levels and confidence
  • Subscribing here means that you have help at hand when you need it
  • Feeling more confident as a parent means no reliance on long term tutoring, but this can be hard at times – imagine having  a qualified teacher to turn to whenever you need!
  • Methods in school are often very different to those known by parents – sometimes a little further explanation is needed but class teachers aren’t always available

Home Educating

Are you a Home Educator who is looking for a bit more structure and professional support? Have you considered Home Educating as an option but not sure you can do it alone, and would like some advice? Our bespoke curriculums and ongoing online support is a cost effective solution, without having to make a long term commitment.  We do not follow one particular approach, preferring to consult closely with families in order to create a truly personalised learning experience.

  • Curriculum packages to suit your needs
  • Full consultation and a sample plan sent before you commit
  • Following the National Curriculum, or not… It’s your choice!
  • Reassurance that you can have fun and yet progress is made
  • Actual teaching, not just following a workbook
  • Become time rich – let someone else do the resource hunting, internet trawling and collating for you, giving you more time to teach your children

We often hear adults talking about a learning activity as “it’s great, they don’t even know they’re learning!”  At Pleasemissmummy.com your children will know they are learning.  It is not my belief that learning is something to be disguised. By using our services it will be embraced!  Lifelong learning needs to be celebrated and enjoyed, and most definitely not hidden away.

We won’t be disguising the learning as fun and exciting.  Learning is fun and exciting!

Are you a military family?  Click here
Are you a military family? Click here
Are you a home educator?  Click here
Are you a home educator? Click here


looking for a tutor?
looking for a tutor?

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5 thoughts on “Home

  1. I attended a pre-school education workshop with Emma and my 2 year old daughter to gain an insight into pre-school learning and education. Emma covered various topics with us including preparing for school, reading and language development. One suggestion that Emma gave me was to add some ‘small world’ items to my daughter’s toy box to encourage speech development and role play. Since the workshop, I have purchased some ‘Happyland’ toys and my daughter loves them, and quite often will sit happily playing with them chatting away to herself. I found Emma to be very approachable and knowledgeable.

  2. Thank you for the feedback Vicky, I’m so glad it was helpful. Hopefully the conversation will soon be flowing! Be careful what you wish for… My sons are non stop chatterboxes 😉

  3. I went to a preschool workshop run by Emma, her style is relaxed making her very easy to talk to. She gave me some great ideas and put my mind at ease with concerns I had. A very useful and informative session.

  4. Thank you Liz. I’m glad you found it useful. You helped make it easy to talk. Look forward to the next one once their next stage is reached 🙂

  5. Hi Emma,
    Thanks so much for today.
    Ben is already making so much progress. He was really excited about putting the new words on his bedroom wall. He is definitely starting to recognise more words too x

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