Starting out

The school summer holidays begin and we are about to embark on an exciting ‘gap year’, a break from the state school system that I have taught in for 15 years and my son has been taught in for 3.   Unhappy as we were with his school provision, I have made the radical move (for us) into the world of home ed (and unemployment!) by taking full opportunity of my husband’s unexpected reposting out of London.

So, first things first… a holiday needed to be booked.  Why is this such a stressful experience?!  I am so glad to speak to friends and find that I’m not alone.  You need a holiday after spending night after night online on all the last minute holiday sites.  I was about to give up when I fell upon a wonderful website; Canopy and Stars which I cannot recommend highly enough!  Intuitive, responsive and full of original holidays in the UK and abroad:  We booked ourselves a treehouse in the Dordogne, beautiful!










Next problem… How to get to the treehouse?  500 miles with two small children is no easy task in a small car.  Our plan was to spread the journey over several days, stopping off in Paris to see the sights and some old friends but even this was not looking like fun and involved yet more research into suitable hotels en route; not an inviting prospect.  Hiring a camper van wasn’t cost effective, but buying a campervan, now that would be a worthwhile investment!

IMG_5426 As the now proud owners of ‘Katie’ a 1972 VW campervan we are ready to start our holidays and home ‘schooling’ has taken on a whole new journey, let the adventures begin…

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