Late to bed on a school night, tut tut…


The boys had their first swimming lessons yesterday. At almost 4, this was the first ever for L, who was pretty nervous! This did not have the usual (desired) effect of tiring out my children. No. In fact it had the opposite: They were over excited and still awake at 10/11pm. Needless to say nobody wanted to get up this morning and after a mad rush to get L to nursery we tried to start our HE day in the usual way, with some piano practise. C yawned his way through and had absolutely no concentration whatsoever. A friend of ours had also stayed so there was not much point in trying to do anything too structured. This is where HE comes into it’s own. Unfocused child not engaging + No curriculum constraints + No timetable + No lesson observation or book monitoring to worry about = Scrabble.

Armed with a notepad, pencil and dictionary we set ourselves up in the sunshine to learn a new game. Learning intentions?

vocabulary extension
dictionary skills
phonics and spelling
quick recall of doubling
mental approximation
long addition involving partitioning (this was our first HE maths topic so good revision opportunity)

Plus of course the turn taking and dealing with losing. I did try not to win! It could have been worse if Daddy was playing – he has no compassion!

And so, a reluctant, tired learner covered a lot of areas and I, still with my teacher hat on, am happy that I can see evidence of progress! We followed this with Cluedo. He has been desperate to play this for months and was actually pretty good and able to grasp the idea of eliminating suspects, crossing them off his list systematically. Problem solving. Check.

Our afternoon lead to another pleasant surprise; we decided to visit Rochester Castle as part of the English Heritage free open days in September. I, however had got my days wrong. It was on Saturday but English Heritage sites are free for Home Educated children and as it happened Rochester didn’t need to be booked in advance as I believe most of the other sites do. So more exploring, this time as historians rather than deadly.

One more week on explorers as we have yet to build our life size dens, which should be interesting! And I think we’re only up to deadly creature no.6 on our top 10…

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