The Plenary!

A planned group trip to Howletts zoo this week has been a perfect way to conclude our Explorers/Deadly 60 learning.  We were able to reinforce so much of the topic here and it has been so rewarding to hear C talking so knowledgeably about the animals we have been researching.   Wild animal ‘Top Trumps’ have been better than any homework could have been for enriching the learning after the trip as he is now retaining all kinds of facts.  But what better way to round off a Deadly 60 topic than to receive a letter from the man himself!  Well his manager anyway.  I’m not sure who was more excited when the post came!

his treasured post card
his treasured post card
personalised too!

We’ve been busy with the other ‘home edders’ this week – A great hands on science / circus skills workshop has meant that both boys learnt about forces and friction along with creating their own moving toy.  Not bad when your nearly 4 year old is using the words gravity and tension in context!  As well as our regular weekly meet, we have started at a gymnastics club and had our first birthday party invite.  Friendships are definitely forming and it feels a privilege to be part of it as I watch his new relationships develop in a way I could never have done in the past.

making a moving toy
making a moving toy
making a moving toy
making a moving toy

Grandma and Grandpa came for tea this week.  I mention it because a little slip up created a perfect grammar situation for us that we used the next day.

“Come on, let’s eat Grandpa!” Said C.

He quickly realised why we had laughed and said that no, no he meant,

“Let’s eat (long dramatic pause), grandpa”

When he was writing about the zoo and was working out where to put a comma we used this earlier dialogue and a quick google search of ‘misplaced comma’s images’  to find some funny pictures of signs and even magazine covers to really help illustrate the point. So, thanks to Grandpa not being eaten we had an amusing little grammar lesson!

This week we have been looking at what happens when we add ed, ing.  Some children find it useful to learn the rule, it seems C is one of those and he’s enjoyed creating a little chart to see how the root word changes.  We followed this work up with writing a letter to the lovely organiser of our Howletts trip.  The objective was to fit in as many ing words as he could.  He didn’t get too many in, but a beautiful letter nonetheless and a genuinely purposeful reason to write.

IMG_5908 IMG_5908 - Version 2

24 / 7 family learning is most definitely in place now in our household.  We’ve all had to play Top Trumps, a lot, resulting in a lot of animal trivia being learnt (bring on the next quiz night!) and ended our week with a movie night and Gorillas in the Mist.  Glad that C realises there are female naturalists too!

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