Blurred lines: Mummy vs teacher, Comic Relief, World Book Day and Fair trade, all in one pot!

My weekly posts seem to be turning into fortnightly ones.  We’re just too busy!  We have had lots of exciting new developments with ‘pleasemissmummy’ becoming established as a business, which of course doesn’t effect our home learning , just keeps me up until late at night.  Every night!  Which has led to yet more reflections on this new way of life.  The hardest thing about home educating is juggling all the roles.  No longer is there a clear handover from my teacher role and my mummy role.  When I was at work (when I got paid to be teaching!) the two roles were clearly defined.  Now, the edges are somewhat blurred.  I go from mummy to teacher, to meal supervisor, back to teacher / mummy, playtime supervisor, and of course the usual parenting roles of cook, cleaner, launderer, chauffer…

How do others  do this?  If you are a ‘Home Edder’ parent reading this I would love to hear from you.  My advice to anyone considering HE as an option is to be very aware of time management, and build in time for yourself.  I’m not sure that I do that enough but I will.  Every week I say that I will – next week.  Must not procrastinate.  Must do better!

So what of our learning?  We have concluded our China project with two main outcomes of a tourist leaflet and an informative project book that we can add to over time.  These, of course, are in addition to the delicious food, poster and beautiful Chinese script he has practised.  The links we have made have been pretty diverse and, as usual, directed by C as well as being topical.  We have incorporated Fair Trade fortnight into our learning and from this looked at rice production.  We’ve also spent some time learning about Buddhism and reflecting on how a Buddhist way of  life can be incorporated into our lives.  Trying out some meditation to see how this impacts on our general mood seems like a good idea!

Love the sentiment of this t- shirt
love the sentiment of this t- shirt


Comic Relief, fully embraced as always, has given him a deeper insight into the lives of children in developing countries and the general importance of fair treatment.  Family life and teaching roles were blurred again here; we always take part in Comic Relief activities but it was more fulfilling this year to take it a stage further, use some of the learning materials and relate it back to the Fair Trade ethos.

definitely my boy!
definitely my boy!






World Book Day didn’t pass us by just because we don’t go to school.  We had a lovely time at one of the HE groups, going on a Gruffalo hunt run by the Kent Wildlife Trust.  The children explored the creatures from the story, created descriptions, wrote a poem, investigated habitats and had lots of fun dressed as their favourite book characters.

describing the features of the mystery animal hiding in the box
describing the features of the mystery animal hiding in the box
The Gruffalo's Child
The Gruffalo’s Child









Very excitingly, I think Little Legs is now officially on this journey with us.  He is really keen to read and so we have introduced the second set of letters and spent some dedicated time exploring these with the magnetic board and using ‘sound buttons’ to segment and blend cvc words.

We are now looking forward to some solar system learning during the lead up to the partial eclipse this week.  I’ll be sharing any links I find to useful activities and websites on my FB and twitter feeds so take a look if you too are interested in this area.

4 thoughts on “Blurred lines: Mummy vs teacher, Comic Relief, World Book Day and Fair trade, all in one pot!

  1. First up, let me just say well done for making this step!

    I home edded all my four kids. they’re all grown up and doing well in their various ways now, but I remember very well the challenges and joys of doing it.

    I really think that there aren’t any hard and fast rules. One thing that I found was that we would go through different phases depending on the kids’ needs at the time, what I could do and what other, outside support and engagement we were involved with at the time. So, sometimes the ‘education/teacher’ role would be quite clearly defined and at others learning became more generalised and almost indistinguishable from the daily round of cooking and cleaning and all the other stuff.

    Successful home ed seems to be about a willingness to let go a bit more than we have been taught is perhaps right, to be flexible, responsive and trusting in relation to our kids according to a paradigm which is really almost the antithesis to school.

    Linking up with others in the real world – both home edders and not – is also a really useful way to keep a broader perspective. I remember that there were times when I felt very isolated but in the end I found a great home ed group and that was an enormous help.

    Looks like you are on the right track and doing some great stuff with your kids! Thanks for sharing your story and all the best with your on-going home ed adventures!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement! I am gradually managing to ‘let go’ a bit more. It’s hard, having been in the school system myself for so long! I love your site – looks like I might be able to pick up some useful and inspiring learning ideas, thanks for reading x

  3. Hi Emmajane,

    I’m glad that you found that comment supportive and helpful! But you know, I think you’re really doing fine. I know what you mean about being ‘schooled’ yourself. I was also a teacher many moons ago and it was that experience that inspired me to home ed. I’m not knocking my fellow teachers, mind. Not at all. But school itself makes it so hard to do our job.

    Anyway, I won’t rant. Keep at it and I look forward to keeping up with your story. And thanks for your generous comments about my Stuff4kids site – it’s taking time to build it out and find out what is most useful to people, but I’m getting there bit by bit!

    Take care.

    Mindi. (That’s what my friends call me…)

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