A Brief History of The Solar System

Well.. the eclipse was pretty nondescript around here!  How was it for you?  Not wanting to have a one off day of unrelated learning we set about planning a short topic exploring the solar system and even though the clouds tried to hinder us,  we did manage some useful and interesting learning out of it.  To prepare, we made our obligatory pinhole projectors, which of course involved lots of discussion about why not to look at the sun.  Little did I know that testing these with torches was to be the best use we would get out of them!

IMG_7374And so because the eclipse is now behind us, I thought I would just share with you some of the useful links we have used, the boys have really enjoyed this short topic.  We’ve integrated another christmas present; a lovely space game, and L has impressed us all with everything he’s taken on board this week.  Using the word orbit in context and having a fascination with Saturn for some reason!

This link is to a planets song that helps to remember the planet names.  We have then written our own mnemonic to remember the order
This one is not so good, but C loved it for some reason!
And this one is a nice gentle song…
From the general eclipse research C has some good science diagrams drawn, how a pinhole projector works and illustrating the earth’s orbit around the sun.  We also re-enacted the movement / relationship between sun, earth and moon with the three of us doing the moving.  If you try this I highly recommend the ‘part’ of sun.  No spinning.  No dizziness!
The most useful resource I have found is this free app:
Interactive Minds: Solar System – Lite by Vosonos LLC https://appsto.re/gb/GHDyJ.i
We’ve started on papier-mâché planets – choosing our favourites and noting some facts, and have had some interesting philosophical discussions about other galaxies, does anyone else live out there somewhere?  How did we get here?  The water?  The dinosaurs?


IMG_7377We also made these glow in the dark chalks that C received for his birthday:  They happened to be space related.  Fun but not much glowing!






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