A Brief History of The Vikings

As a regular reader of our blog you would be forgiven for thinking we seem to be jumping about a bit with our topics.  That’s because we are jumping about a bit with our topics! There is no link between recent topics other than the fact that the moon decided to partially block the sun a week before our planned Kent Life Viking day trip!

And so, fresh from viewing the Eclipse (for eclipse substitute grey cloud cover) we have thrown ourselves into another mini topic.  It needs to be mini, as Easter is fast approaching, with all the chocolatey plans that we have!

Back to the Vikings.  I’m amazed at what C has taken in over a few days!  After a visit to the library for some research material and our conveniently timed Usborne Books delivery of History books, we started with a bit of Horrible Histories one evening, as a lead into the new topic.  As it turned out this wasn’t the best resource as whilst the title included Viking battles, the content was erratic, moving swiftly from Vikings to WW2 to the Georgians. Useful assessment opportunity though, as C complained that it had moved forwards in time.  Chronological understanding – check!

(As an aside; if you’re reading this as someone thinking about HE, you will notice that our Horrible Histories viewing was of an evening.  HE doesn’t happen only between 9 & 3.30.  Although TV time is a regular family activity it’s great to be able to use this to enrich our learning.  I’m glad to say that I’m finally becoming more flexible with this too.  The roles for an HE parent are more blurred but being more flexible with the timings has eased the anxiety around “am I doing enough?”)

With the topic introduced and context set, the next morning we set about reading around the BBC schools site and playing some of the interactive games.  Once Little L was home (and HE football had finished) it was time to start on our Viking helmets for a true hands on learning experience…


step one
step one



step two
step two



step three
step three






finishing touches
finishing touches






And finally…

 'tooled up!'
‘tooled up!’




Apparently L has seen a viking dog somewhere.  He added Spot to his outfit and Spot pretty much stayed tucked into the furry collar all day!

we're not sure about Spot, need to go over accurate sources of evidence!
we’re not sure about Spot, need to go over accurate sources of evidence!











Get the look!

If you’re wondering about our fabulous outfits.  Here’s the link to the helmets

The axes are self drawn and stapled into sticks from the garden.

The sheilds (models own) are based on a design in one of our research books.

Tunics are Peter Pan.

Fur trims (genius I thought) C, in a flash of design inspiration, took off of his parker hoods.

Leggings – sports leggings with reflective stripes.  Were they around in AD 700???

 Fashion blogging aside, I was (as I often am) impressed by the ingenuity here.  I set him the challenge of hunting through his dressing up bits to see what he could create as an outfit and the boy did good I thought!

An enjoyable day was spent at Kent Life, but I’m not really the one to comment on how this is for children, so here’s an outline of a fabulous day of learning from a 7 Year old point of view…

Click here to read his latest blog post!

Kent Life Viking Day

2 thoughts on “A Brief History of The Vikings

  1. Wow, you looked like such a real Viking! I bet people were scared of you!

    I also had no idea that there was a goddess who was pulled around by cats. I wonder how many cats she needed to pull her and a chariot?!

    I’ve been to Iceland where Vikings used to live and I saw a Viking boat too!

    I’m glad you had fun. You write really well and I felt like I was there with you at Viking Day!

  2. Little blogger grinned as he read your comments, thank you! Am now contemplating a trip! He says; ‘Thanks. I did feel like a real viking myself!’

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