Imagination and Magic

I’m keeping a secret and not sure  for how long before I crack!  We are off to the Warner Bros Harry Potter tour next week and I still haven’t told my obsessed son! He is now on the fourth book and he just can’t put them down.  He’s registered onto the website Pottermore, which he is loving and is desperate for me to let him go onto Amazon to look up the ‘proper’ outfit.  How is this even in the language of a seven year old?  He has agreed that if it’s too expensive he’ll continue with his black cloth sticks and John (from Peter Pan) glasses… Poor child!  Personally I prefer him throwing makeshift outfits together.  He can be very creative and resourceful, remember the viking outfit, Victorians, WW1?  It’s not only creative but when linked to history it’s a great way to put research skills to good use and then bring learning to life.

My dilemma now is whether to let him get an outfit so that he can wear it next week, or get him to save his money to spend while we are on the tour.   My children are skilled in the art of souvenir purchasing so to have some money on the day will be essential for them! Luckily with winter birthdays and some very generous relatives, they always have savings by the summer.  They are slowly learning the value of money, well the value of saving at least.

It is with our forthcoming trip in mind that we are working within a topic of Dragons at the moment.  His choice as he’s been drawing them, reading about them and making lego models for ages now.  Yet today whilst making a dragon swamp outside he must have thanked me and told me ten times that this is probably going to be his best topic so far!

Here is our swamp making process…




We have created this to get the imagination flowing and, along with the subsequent play that developed it became preparation for writing a story.












There is always a tendency to write the story and then let children draw pictures afterwards.  Particularly in school.  The result is that we are making the writing more important.

DSC_0200In fact, by allowing the drawing, and in this case the small world, to happen first we are facilitating the thinking process. Children have the opportunity to rehearse their ideas, explore language and sequence the story.  All of this happened today and so when we came in and he started to write the ideas were quite literally flowing.  L wants his to be a book and so asked me to scribe the title page for him.  The stories are evolving to include Harry Potter characters and magical happenings!

DSC_0216 DSC_0215 DSC_0214

2 thoughts on “Imagination and Magic

  1. Absolutely love this idea, just wondering what the trays are that you use? Just love reading about your journey, very inspiring for a fellow homeschooler. Keep up the great work! xx

  2. Thank you Jane! Our trays – builders trays – are old, I reclaimed them once we finished our DIY! I think they were from Wickes. It’s much cheaper to buy from DIY stores than from educational suppliers I know that. They are also known as tuff spots or tuff trays.

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