Dairy Farm visit

Recently I read an article about dairy farming and animal welfare that made me re think some of our day to day consuming and shopping.  I’m not going to go into all the detail here but suffice to say I had some questions and wanted to make sure we were making informed and ethical shopping choices.

With a recent vegetarian in the family this seemed like a good opportunity to visit a farm and find out more.  A bit of research and a week later a small HE trip was organised.  26 of us met at Bore Place in Sevenoaks for an interesting look into organic milk production.

cheese making process
cheese making process







The children learned how cheese is made, followed by making delicious cheese scones.  While these were cooking we made fresh milkshakes with the fruits picked from the farm during the first earlier  tour of the farm garden.


beautiful walk through to the orchard
beautiful walk through to the orchard


ex battery hens are cared for at the farm
ex battery hens are cared for at the farm


Making the scones was interesting!  With 2 sons in 2 different groups I took my eye off the ball…can you tell?!



cheese scones

But they were all delicious!



Armed with our freshly baked scones and milkshakes we picnicked in the glade before being taken on a tour of the milking barn.  It was fascinating. Those cows produce a LOT of milk.




Finally, we got to meet some cows.  I usually take care not to include faces in my blog.  I hope these two beauties don’t mind…DSC_0228

I didn’t realise how topical this post would be.  This visit took place before our holiday and of course since my return, dairy farmers have been a constant in the media.  The boys and I came away from the farm visit with a mind to source milk direct from a small local farm, where we can see exactly how the cows are treated.  Recent press coverage means that task may now be a whole lot easier!

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