Holidays are over

It’s been a while since we last posted, so much has been going on.  We took a break from structured learning, to coincide with school summer holidays, meaning that we could catch up with lots of friends.  I’ve also been busy planning for lots of other HE families and getting to know new tutoring students, so my time for writing has been significantly reduced. Time to get back to it!

Knowing that we were moving in early September,  we did actually carry on with our learning for a bit longer than I had intended so that I wouldn’t feel too bad about the boys not ‘starting’ with the school term.  Will I ever get the term dates out of my system I wonder?  Probably not!

We had a great week at Hes Fes, Home Educators Summer Festival.  A rather wet and windy start to a funfilled week of camping in Wales.  Highly recommended!  In addition to being able to camp with lovely friends, toasting marshmallows around a fire each night, communal cooking and washing up (bliss, as you will know if you are a camper!) there are endless workshops to fill the days.  We learnt to hoola hoop, made  a huge variety of crafty bits – a leather purse, a mouse trap car, lanterns, bracelets, masks…  We took part in singing, yoga, drumming, African dance, storytelling… The list goes on and on.

So that was our main holiday.  We also managed to see a lot of family and friends, as well as pack up and move house.  I have often been asked if the weekends feel any different to the weekdays (they do), and in a way it’s the same issue for holiday times.  Some of our activities carry on – our weekly social meet up and football don’t stop.  It could all feel the same, but I try to make a conscious effort to distinguish between ‘term time’ and holidays.  It’s different for all children, but for C, he is still very much aware of school holidays and would probably just go on strike if we tried to retain too much structure!

On my way to meet a friend for afternoon tea, I snapped this as I walked from the car. Beautiful!

We have been so fortunate to have spent this short time living in Medway.  It is an area rich in history and lots to do, and so much I just didn’t know about  (I’d been for the Christmas IMG_7996Dickens Festival and that was about it).  In addition to all the usual country park trips, popping to the coast, and taking part in library summer activities, this summer we have really made the most of the area:  The Fuse festival is an outdoor arts festival, which was great, and all free!  We have taken part in Medieval Merriment in the castle grounds, free outdoor yoga, learnt to make rope at the Dockyard, explored Fort Amherst.  If you’ve never paid a visit to Rochester, do.  It’s not just for christmas!



Thanks to a friend sharing their holiday diary, we just about squeezed in this visit to the Brick City exhibition at Maidstone museum.  A teaser for our topic to come! In this picture L is peering into St Pancras station.  It was huge!  Brick City is now on tour, you might catch it.  You can read about it here.


Now that we are settled (and Nana has asked what has happened to our regular blogs!) I will endeavour to get back into a routine!  For now, here’s some photos of Hes Fes to be going with!







Little mans photogrpahy skills
Little man’s photography skills








story telling
story telling
mod roc mask making
mod roc mask making


And finally, a beautiful sunset.  The sun and the moon out at the same time.  It was stunning.




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  1. Thanks Nadine! A whole new area to explore, new friends to make. We were sad to leave but excited to start this new chapter!

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