i7ZrcFhPv_zKvNrfSjo5pHmzTbMUu1hr9dBDeajIhv8I am a Primary School teacher / Deputy Head and mummy to two boys.  I’ve recently left working in a state school in order to home educate my eldest son (now 7) whilst we are between permanent homes.  Our family has made some pretty major life changing decisions over the last few months and writing a blog became my way of sharing some of our more interesting adventures.  It may be useful to some other parents or home educators, but if nothing else it will prevent me from filling up my Facebook newsfeed with endless recounts of our home schooling days!  My new title of ‘Miss Mummy’  came about on day one when my son called out to me from another room.  It could stick for a while…

Pleasemissmummy learning consultancy has since evolved to offer ongoing learning support and advice.   I work as a 1:1 tutor for HE and schooled children.  I run parent workshops to discuss ways to support at home, demonstrating techniques and explaining learning styles.  I run English courses within the local community and am now working closely with military families, looking at ways to support children through periods of transition resulting from postings.

Qualifications, training and experience

A First Class Honours Degree in Primary Education

Lovaas trained therapist, working with Autistic children

BTEC National Diploma in the Caring Services

Deputy Head of a large London Primary School for 8 years

KS1 and Early Years Leader for 4 years

Literacy Specialist

Leading teacher

Policy writing with Bromley and Lewisham LEAs


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