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RM easi maths

We were fortunate enough to be offered a free trial of this site, in order that I could feedback to a client and then write review on here.  If you are interested in using online maths games as a learning tool then read on!

RM is colourful and engaging.  Ideal for a young user (my son is 7 1/2 and working at roughly a high L3 in old NC language).  What immediately struck me was that he could get going almost immediately.  With other online sites  this has been an issue for me.  I have found so much time has been spent (wasted) answering assessment questions and trying to get set up that he, and I, have quickly lost interest.  The technology can easily get in the way of the learning, I find.  Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised that this was not the case here.  As soon as he was on, he was on!

The characters are appealing and the structure has so far been the same each time,  With the same characters encountering similar problems and needing the user’s help.  I’m interested to see if this starts to change as I do think he would get bored of the repetitive format week after week.  It is recommended to go on three times a week, for 15 minute sessions.

Four weeks in and he hasn’t lost interest.  The content is changing slightly, but the general presentation is consistent.  This is useful for revision or practise, but I wouldn’t use it for maths teaching as it jumps about between areas very quickly.  He may start with number work.  Two or three questions later it’s some geometry, then data handling and so on.  All in 15 minutes. It times out once 15 minutes is up.  My concern would be that parents could buy into this thinking it’s going to do the teaching for them when ideally you need to spend time working on a new concept,  not leaping about between different areas.  However, it’s been a great diagnostic tool for us.  By sitting with him as he works I have been able to identify teaching points or strategies to go over and we’ve used the session to inform a couple of maths ‘lessons’ to fully teach tricky concepts.

So, definitely worth a go, but don’t expect it to do the teaching for you!  It’s an engaging and fun site for practising.