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Pleasemissmummy was born on day one of my own HE journey, when my then 6 year old called me to tell me he had finished  some writing.  It has been an incredibly rewarding and stimulating journey for us both.  Writing the blog has evolved to now offer bespoke learning support to other Home Educators who want a more structured approach, with a view to continuing to share my ‘expertise’ , based on years of working with children and parents in a variety of environments: Knowing what really can work for individuals.

Planning just for you

Pleasemissmummy curriculums are not a one size fits all / off the shelf curriculum.   They are written only after getting to know a little about you and your child(ren).  My planning is completely bespoke to you and your family needs.  Only once we have discussed your child’s interests, your home educating set up and timetable if you have one, will I then begin writing a set of plans for you.

If you want a cross curricular approach, then the plans would cover all the linked subjects, maybe 3-4 depending on the topic. I plan the first 3 weeks, and then after your feedback write the next 3. This process ensures that the planning caters for how your child(ren) want to move forward with their learning. Questions generated, enquiry based learning, individual projects ideas can all be incorporated into the subsequent planning.

My planning is very much hands on and not workbook based, meaning that the time frames are a guide.  You may choose to spend longer on some tasks and less time on others depending on many variables. I believe (and know from experience) that learning needs to be fun, purposeful and engaging.  It is not divided into timed lessons and not intended to be followed slavishly.  You still have the freedom to go with the flow, move things around so that the planning fits in with you and not the other way around.  If that sounds like it suits you and yours, I look forward to hearing from you.


Assessing learning

If you choose pleasemissmummy to create your plans I can also then help with assessing where your children are in their learning and plan next steps in English and Maths.  You simply need to scan or photograph and send me bits of work as they go along.  How we assess is your choice.  If you feel more comfortable following National Curriculum guidelines then I can plan next steps based upon the expected levels.  If you prefer a more unstructured approach, then that is what we shall use.  Don’t feel that assessing means comparing with national levels.  It doesn’t need to be.  It is simply about knowing what a child needs to do next to make progress.  This is important whatever approach you are using.

The key to a successful working relationship is all about our ongoing communication.  We will very much work together to ensure your child’s learning needs are met and you are giving yourself the freedom to teach and work with your children, knowing that the burden of planning, researching and collating the wealth of information and resources that are at our fingertips has been taken from you.



Choose your curriculum package here and contact me via the home page to discuss your best options.

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