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A bit more magic

More potions and spell making and a wonderful visit to The Enchanted Forest at Groombridge for us recently. The weather for our trip was pretty dismal but it was still a great day out.  Sparking imagination in all kinds of ways.  Well worth a visit if you’ve never been!

potion making, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, food colouring, glitter and a few magic words…



We are part of a ‘very special’ weekly nature group known as ‘Super Secret Explorers’ (named by some HE friends).  Recently, we decided to choose a new site to explore each week which is how this particular trip came about.  I  like the idea of the secrecy element we now have:  The destination can be decided / revealed only at the very last minute, adding to the sense of adventure!

Our day was certainly full of adventure – we explored Robinson Crusoe’s treehouse, secret doors, tee – pees, secret hide outs, giant spider webs, giant swings, a magical pond, a serpents lair, dinosaur bones, gypsy caravans, and so much more.  It was just perfect for mine.  Word of warning for you though if you have a child with an imagination like C.  He was cautiously approaching a hidden secret door, looking so serious, and I couldn’t help myself from shouting out / jumping as he touched the door.  He burst into tears, and I felt awful.  It’s a dangerous game to try to enter into the imaginative place in his head 🙁


DSC_0226 DSC_0228


The peacocks greeted us as we arrived at Groombridge Place.  I think the boys would have been happy to just watch these!





DSC_0324We took the boat into the forest, although our journey was a little wetter than this picture shows!  This is how the river looked at the end of the day. We couldn’t chance taking the camera out during our stormy trip!


Giant cobwebs





hidden teepee
hidden teepee


giant swing
giant swing
the aforementioned door
the aforementioned door












We ended the day with tea and cake and wand making, by now in the glorious sunshine!  Gotta love British summer!