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Contextual writing and mark making

Dragons, magic, myths, C is thoroughly enjoying this topic.   Just as he predicted!  We have previously used Harry Potter as a theme for maths, where both boys enjoyed creating potions and measuring liquid.  I’ve needed to find creative ways to use dragons now as our stimulus. This week we have set about solving some dragon problems, set in an algebra  context.  It was an activity I found online – he had to crack the code and work out what number each dragon represented.  Unfortunately I printed it some time ago and closed the link so I can’t link here.  It lead to some good systematic thinking though!

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Imagination and Magic

I’m keeping a secret and not sure  for how long before I crack!  We are off to the Warner Bros Harry Potter tour next week and I still haven’t told my obsessed son! He is now on the fourth book and he just can’t put them down.  He’s registered onto the website Pottermore, which he is loving and is desperate for me to let him go onto Amazon to look up the ‘proper’ outfit.  How is this even in the language of a seven year old?  He has agreed that if it’s too expensive he’ll continue with his black cloth sticks and John (from Peter Pan) glasses… Poor child!  Personally I prefer him throwing makeshift outfits together.  He can be very creative and resourceful, remember the viking outfit, Victorians, WW1?  It’s not only creative but when linked to history it’s a great way to put research skills to good use and then bring learning to life.

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