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Chinese New Year

‘Kung Hei Fat Choy!’











We are officially ‘pigs’.  Turns out C and I have the same Chinese sign of the Zodiac.  We’ve had some fun reading up on our characteristics to see how like the descriptions we are and have used this to explore connectives in our writing whilst trying to describe our ‘pig – like’ qualities.

Once we had researched these, it was onto the serious business of food!  After a recent trip into London’s Chinatown and a visit to the wonderful See Woo wholesalers in Greenwich, we marked the Chinese New Year by giving out some lucky coins in lucky envelopes and preparing a huge feast of dumplings, spring rolls, fortune cookies and some mathematical (fractions) sushi.  The boys, inspired by the vibrance of Chinatown, made some lanterns and had a go at some Chinese writing.  I think the writing says ‘See Woo fine noodles’ but we’re not 100% sure on that one!

Sushi making sequence…















The celebrations have led to some rich learning opportunities as we now begin to explore facts about China.  We’ve taken a Google earth tour and learnt how to take notes.  From these a draft leaflet has been designed which is now in the process of being created on the computer.  Preparation for a role play Travel Agents.  Or maybe a ‘school trip’.  I do always emphasise the importance of bringing learning to life so it could be justified…

Back to reality and, due to the lack of funds for a field trip to China, the learning… Note taking: Early note taking is best taught in stages, starting with key words around a picture (in this case The Great Wall of China) before moving on to taking notes from texts.  This prevents the temptation to copy out long chunks as they child first learns to note key words when there are no words to copy.  We then moved onto a very simplified site, where again there were too few words to be tempted.

The leaflet writing and subsequent advert for the Chinese New Year Parade has been the platform for teaching about persuasive writing techniques.  Once again he has impressed me with his ability to retain some pretty advanced stuff.  We have been putting our persuasive skills to the test in all kinds of situations, quite often in the car.  He did a very good job of trying to convince me that the skate park was better than riding a bike.  Needless to say I won’t actually be trying it.

Enjoying the parade


Enjoying the parade
Enjoying the parade







Getting up close!
Getting up close!









The Chinese theme continues as we embark on some basic learning about the economy and the concept of fair trade, to celebrate Fair Trade Fortnight.  Remember that small changes in our shopping make a big difference!