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Half a term of home school

And so it’s the end of our first half term.  It’s been fun!  We’ve had our ups and downs of course; this week more ‘downs’ as he has been soooo tired (he is a self confessed bookworm, often found at 10pm with his lamp on, still reading), but overall we are both still sure that we have made the right decision and have thoroughly enjoyed our first half term of ‘Home School’.

When I started writing this blog it was with a view to sharing our more interesting days and weeks.  This week probably isn’t so interesting to read about and so will be brief…  We have spent a fair bit of time with friends, prepared for our half term adventures by researching places to visit (more on that when we get back!), and begun some research on Halloween.  The obligatory Halloween crafts have been made along with a spooky story which took about 5 hours in total for C to write.  Yes, 5 hours. Over two mornings.  And he wants to write it up into a book too.  I don’t think I can bear the pain!

This leads me to the pros and cons of Home Education, for me.  There are many, many positives. Continue reading Half a term of home school