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Remembrance and WW1

A day out to se the poppies installation at The Tower of London was our incentive to launch into a week or two of learning about WW1.  We visited The Tower on the 10th and so, still a little jet lagged and starting our days pretty late we spent a chilled out Tuesday morning following Remembrance services on the TV and holding our own 2 minute silence.  We watch every year and I’m always struck by how C is touched by the coverage.  Once again taking full opportunity of the freedom that HE gives us we took our neighbours’ dogs for a walk up to a local war memorial and followed this with a visit to the library to see what books we could find about WW1.  There isn’t a lot that is suitable for KS1 but we found a few and have managed a fair bit of reading independently with some chapters needing extra support.  It always amazes me that, when engaged and motivated to do so, children will attempt to read far more challenging texts than we would generally expect.

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