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No more post christmas blues…

Has it really been a month since I last posted?  Where did that time go!

The new term after christmas usually feels so rushed.  Christmas is so hectic, immediately followed by a birthday party to plan and host and of course NYE.  It always feels as though we just don’t have enough time to get back into a routine before school is upon us.  The start of this new year has felt very different.  I’ve had the same ‘start of term anxiety’ that I’ve had after each school holiday…. Is he feeling left out?  Is he missing out on those new term rituals; catching up with friends, sharing stories of the holidays etc.  From what I read I’m not alone in this.  I’m also not alone in that the feeling passes very as soon as we embark on our home learning and socialising.  We’re not missing out, just having a different set of experiences.

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History meets technology

Creating a timeline to develop a sense of the past
Creating a timeline to develop a sense of the past

Another busy fortnight in home school, and the uniform is slipping away.  No longer do I have to teach my son looking like a street urchin from Dickensian days!  Having said that, we started a new topic on The Great Fire of London and he did decide that this warranted a fire damaged outfit and so the shredded shirt made an appearance on Tuesday.  Tuesday is our home ed group day when we meet up with lots of other families and last week C went along armed with props and costumes to encourage his friends to take part in a photo shoot so that we could create a photo story of the Great Fire of Rochester. Continue reading History meets technology