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The Plenary!

A planned group trip to Howletts zoo this week has been a perfect way to conclude our Explorers/Deadly 60 learning.  We were able to reinforce so much of the topic here and it has been so rewarding to hear C talking so knowledgeably about the animals we have been researching.   Wild animal ‘Top Trumps’ have been better than any homework could have been for enriching the learning after the trip as he is now retaining all kinds of facts.  But what better way to round off a Deadly 60 topic than to receive a letter from the man himself!  Well his manager anyway.  I’m not sure who was more excited when the post came!

his treasured post card
his treasured post card
personalised too!

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Classroom in a camper

Who knew that spending a day at ‘Grill n Chill’ could be so educational.  Grill n Chill is an annual VW meet; we are now feeling the love of being part of a really cool club…v dub! Stickers for the van bought, interior design inspired and new carpet ordered, Katie is going to have a make over…!

And so it was while treating Katie that we managed to make links with, and reinforce, our evolution learning – through some great window stickers showing evolution of a camper (stays the same, was already quality to start with) a Lego man (starts as a brick) and of ‘man’ who, after evolving to become upright is then sat in a campervan.  C was very pleased to apply his new understanding to a sticker stall of all places! Continue reading Classroom in a camper

crazy golf and green gloop rescue the would-be end of the honeymoon period!

I had a horrid feeling on Monday that the honeymoon period was nearly over!  After the ‘easy’ day we had on Friday I put pressure on myself and C to achieve a lot more on Monday.  Not sure why I put this pressure on us, but I did nevertheless and poor C was having none of it!  He was still incredibly tired and just couldn’t focus.  We spent a ridiculous amount of time on what should have been a 10 minute exercise.  Suffice to say that had I found an apostrophe shaped implement I probably would have done some damage with it!  Apostrophes for omission should have been omitted from our day, and yet still I persevered and still the battle and the nagging (me) and the staring into space (him) continued! On reflection though, we had been to a barbecue the evening before and he was clearly still tired.  We gave up in the end and continued with our deadly animals research and a bit of maths.   Making green slime in the afternoon lightened our mood.  It didn’t work – it is basically regular gloop with food colouring.  But we do like a bit of gloop: Sensory exploration isn’t just for Early Years! Continue reading crazy golf and green gloop rescue the would-be end of the honeymoon period!

Miss Mummy!

 My son (C) jumped into my bed on day one most disappointed that nothing was ‘set up’ downstairs! Seems he was expecting a classroom of some description. Oops! He had already told me he wanted books, the colours they needed to be and that they needed to be in boxes, social arrangements had been made,we had planned our first topics; as far as I was concerned we were ready, but on Wednesday morning…

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