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The temporary vegetarian

My boys have become vegetarians.  This is the result of a number of influencing factors:

We are reading Charlotte’s Web and the thought of Wilbur being fattened up for christmas has bothered them.

A very good friend has recently become a vegetarian.  He’s 7 too, and very cool.

We have been involved with Ted Ed; a group where the children researched and presented an idea or topic about which they were passionate.  During this another good friend shared his reasons for being a Vegan. He’s clever.  He’s 7 and knows a lot of stuff.  Stuff worth knowing, which makes him pretty cool too!

It’s hard to know which of these has had the biggest influence, I take guesses but then change my mind.  I’ve explained that I buy organic meat (that I like to think it had a happy life before it arrived to us) but I have respected the choices they have made.

But I’m not writing about them being vegetarian because I think that it is particularly interesting to anyone else:  I wanted to share how this lifestyle choice of a 4 1/2 year old, who also decided he would be a vegetarian, affects his daily decision making and thinking process.

“I keep telling you mummy, I’m a veg-e-tarian now” said with very agitated gesticulating hands (because I keep forgetting).

So, we were at the end of a little shopping trip and queuing by a chiller cabinet full of stodgy pastry snacks. I mentioned that I was a bit peckish and what a shame they were vegetarians as we could have shared a sausage roll.

“Oh but I’m not going to be any more”

I explained that you don’t just chop and change depending on the day.  If you make a choice you need to stick to it.  I couldn’t help but notice the lady in front of us trying not to laugh as she pretended she wasn’t really listening.  Something we’ve all done I’m sure?

He decided he was no longer a vegetarian and wanted to share a sausage roll with me.  Which he did.

One mouthful from the end, he gave it back to me. Too spicy.

“You can have it back now mummy.  I’m going to go back to being, to being… What was I?  Was I a Vegan?”

“No you were a vegetarian”

“Yes, I’m going back to being a vegetarian now”

My kind of Vegetarian 🙂