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A very brief post to share some of our work around Stonehenge.  We went on a visit with some HE friends and whilst the boys don’t fully appreciate the importance and significance of such a landmark, there was enough awe and wonder to make it worthwhile!  The more we have read since the visit, and the more they have understood just how difficult it is to move a heavy rock without machinery, the more impressed I think they have become.


Seems that, even with 4, we need 99 more men to shift the rock!
Seems that, even with 4, we need 99 more men to shift the rock!

As is so often the case with these visits, the staff on site can make a huge impact.  At Stonehenge we got chatting to possibly the most enthusiastic EH employee I have had the pleasure to meet!  I wish I had caught his name.  He was able to answer one of our burning questions…

Just how long would it have taken to have studied the movement of the sun and changing seasons to work out where to position the stones to cast the perfect path of light on the shortest and longest days?  He tells us it ‘s been estimated at 111 years!  Wow!


The boys are fascinated by the idea that each family member would have had a star to observe each night, in order to learn what was going on up there.  The employee we chatted to reckons it would have been their entertainment. I might try it!



Since our visit we have made a plasticine model of Stonehenge along with some more stone sketches, explored direct and indirect speech in order to write a time travelling newspaper report and begun some research into Paganism and the Winter Solstice.  This final piece of learning has had some unexpected and pleasing outcomes for C as he has learnt the names of some of the Gods and they tie into The Avengers!  This sets the context for some more comic book making, as off topic he has been reading and recreating some Star Wars stories in comic format.

There are plenty of resources to follow up on Activity Village, so I didn’t bother to create much of my own for this, other than a short grammar exercise for C to choose correct verb – subject agreements.  For this, I wrote out some Stonehenge facts and he simply had to choose those which were grammatically correct.  A little dry, but a useful reminder as he has started muddling was and were, much and many.  Something that is very common, but very quickly addressed through some simple activities.

L has loved doing yet more stones maths!  Asking me to draw him number lines and number patterns on a daily basis!  C has been learning his 3 times tables by singing this Uptown Funk cover, and apparently L has too it seems!

Over on my FB page I’ve been trying out different times tables songs and recommending those which have worked for my own children and those who I tutor.  Do take a look, it could save you an internet trawl!